Armor8® General Edition | Mobile antibacterial spray

ARMOR8 Nano Spray General Edition

General Edition

Humans are the species who are known to present for billions of years. To live a healthy life, humans should stay away from disease-causing infections. Bacterial infections are among the significant factors affecting our lives. Whenever you clean your home, office, or workplace, are you eliminating germs? Or do you remove dirt and grime? If you’re using the standard all-purpose cleaning methods for every surface, things start to look a bit dirty within a day, and you could be leaving behind bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other harmful germs on the surfaces.

Armor 8 Nano Spray is our optimum Germ Smashing technology. Armor 8 eliminates germs such as:

  • Micrococcus,
  • Staphylococcus,
  • Pseudomonas,
  • Bacillus, and
  • Klebsiella

General Edition: We have introduced General Edition for your daily purpose requirements. The surfaces of regularly used things must be bacteria-free as to avoid bacterial infections. General Edition is handy and can be useful for Home, Office, Cars, Hotels/Restaurants, Hospitals/Clinics etc.

  • Dis-integrates bacteria on the surfaces.
  • One Spray lasts up to 30 days!
  • Easy to Use - clean it, spray it, wipe it & Dry It!
  • Safe to use on the surfaces as it is non-toxic.
  • Applicable for All types of Surfaces.
  • Evaporates bacteria that cause illness.
  • Destroys germs that cause Odors.

There might be plenty of things at your home or office you might ignore. Those surfaces accumulate harmful bacteria and cause infections. Let us have a healthy bacteria-free environment by using Armor8 General Edition. For the proper eradication of germs and bacteria, you can rely on Armor8 general edition anti-bacterial spray. Our product helps you to get rid of all the unwanted viruses and bacteria around you. Finally, in addition to eliminating bacteria and germs, the Armor8 Nano Spray will also eliminate stubborn, unpleasant odours and leave behind a freshly cleaned scent.

    Armor8 Nano Spray is our optimum Germ Smashing technology. Armor 8 eliminates germs such as:

  • E Coli
  • Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
  • Streptococcus Bacteria
  • Klebsiella
  • Staphylococcus Aureus
  • General Edition: Useful for Home, Office, Cars, Hotels/Restaurants, Hospitals/Clinics, Smartphones, headphones, Keyboards, tablets, cameras etc.
  • The armor8 general edition is perfect as it is,
    • Antibacterial Nano Spray for Toilets,
    • Antibacterial Nano Spray for Storage rooms,
    • Antibacterial Nano Spray for Laundry,
    • Antibacterial Nano Spray for Mobiles,
    • Antibacterial Nano Spray for Laptops,
    • Antibacterial Nano Spray for Pet areas,
    • Antibacterial Nano Spray for Closets,
    • Antibacterial Nano Spray for Shoe cabinets,
    • Antibacterial Nano Spray for School areas, etc.
  • Armor8 is non-toxic with an advantage of 30 days bacteria-free surface!

How to use Armor 8

Clean Area

Spray Area/item

Wipe and Dry