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The Ultimate Solution to Protect Yourself against harmful Germs!

Ultimate Solution to Protect Yourself against harmful Germs Humans are the dominant species living on the earth for more than billions of years. Being dominant senses to the most evolved species on the planet. Have we evolved in every way? The human body needs to be fit and fine to engage in regular activities.

Our mind and body should be intact to perform everyday activities. Frequent contact with things can transfer harmful bacteria from one to another. The regular usage of words by different people or the same person can accumulate bacteria. Once the body is affected by harmful germs or bacteria, they tend to impact the regular activities of our life. Causing the depression and affecting the organs of the body. You had never thought about tiny bacteria present in your home or office.

The unseen bacteria on the frequently used surfaces may be living for ages on the covers and can tangle to your fingertips whenever you use it and can cause the illness in your body. Bacteria colonize on any surface such as doorknobs or toilets which are frequently used by different people. They have an accessible path for the virus to spread from one person to another. Touching each other can also be covering the virus in a few cases.

It is the most necessary aspect for oneself to be cautious of the surroundings and the frequently used things to be kept away from the disease-causing bacteria. Despite being using the most potent hand washes or the hand sanitizers, bacteria do find their way into us within seconds. The protection to eliminate the bacteria need not be on our hands or body.

We can use the protection on the object surfaces and make them disinfect. It is an efficient way to protect us without hardening our smooth skin. The bacteria cannot be seen on many occasions, but they are prone to many diseases, depending on the intensity of the bacteria. Mostly the bacterium is transferred through the skin and surfaces.

You must be using different types and flavours of the hand washes, but have you ever thought of the quality results after using them. Then its high time you need to be using the product which is effective and enhances your surfaces. Armor 8 Antibacterial Nano Spray is one of the kind disinfectants that is used on surfaces to eliminate the bacteria.

What are Germs?

GERMS are alive and awake, and they are the smallest livings organisms known to human beings. Germs are present almost everywhere in the surroundings. Types of GERMS are

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Fungi
  • Protozoa

These kinds of germs are single-celled organisms that can survive and grow on the surfaces. Frequently used things gather much more germs and fungi.

What GERMS can do to your body?

These organisms invade things and stay on the surfaces. When our bare hands touch those surfaces, bacteria spread onto our body, resulting in various diseases. Commonly caused infectious diseases are:

  • Strep throat
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Cold
  • Diarrhoea
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle aches

How can germs invade your body?

Germs do not require a route map to enter into your body. They have plenty of ways to invade your body. From direct contact to indirect contact, germs have been causing you the harm. Viruses spread through direct contact from person to person through handshakes, kisses, cough, and sneezes on someone who isn’t infected. Even being bitten or scratched by an animal can transfer the bacteria, and many times they can be fatal.

Insect bites and food contamination can be the reason for indirect contact of the microbial organisms. Door knobs, handles, mobiles, Kitchen appliances and, many more frequently used objects do host the space for bacteria. By touching those objects, we might be letting bacteria onto our skin. Everyday chores of our life are needed to perform for survival; at the same time, you need to take care of yourself by shielding with an Anti-bacterial.

Do Soaps and Hand-Sanitizers Kill the Germs Around you?

Soap and hand-sanitizers do have little effect on the germs, but at the same time, they might be causing you equal harm unknowingly. These products need to be applied on to your hands, and they only work for a couple of hours. Re-usage of these chemicals leads to dryness of skin or indirect contact of bacteria.

You need a solution that would protect your from bacteria in a hassle-free way. Surfaces collect the bacteria, so you need to make sure of killing germs on surfaces.

The Ultimate Solution for the Protection of you from Germs is…!

ARMOR8– An Anti-Bacterial Nano Spray made up of with Japanese Technology to eliminate germs & bacteria on any surfaces. Armor8 is the only spray that needs to use on the surface, instead of our hands. Let us know more about this fantastic product!

The word “Armor” derived from the old French word “armure,” which means protective covering worn during combat. The world today is none less than the battle, most probably fighting with the illness of different kinds.

microbial world

The microbial world is taking over the human and animal species. The type of germs such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa sometimes invades our life and will make us unwell. Efficient hygiene habits will surely protect the world from harmful germs. But the statutory health procedures are never understood by people. Ignorant of proper hygiene aspects, we generally end up following strong or chemical products that inevitably will cause more harm than good.

To defend the microbial invasion and to improve your hygiene we discovered ARMOR 8 Anti-Bacterial Nano Spray. These are manufactured by a Malaysian based company known as Titanium World Technology Sdn Bhd (TWT). Through a subsidiary of Smart Coat India Pvt Ltd, TWT has now entered into the Indian market with two Antibacterial products, such as Smart Coat Nano and Armor 8 Nano Spray. The former outcome is for Industrial and company purposes, and the latter product is for the household.

Some bacteria help digest food, giving the body the vitamins it needs, and destroy disease-causing organisms. The statistics say that even less than 1% of harmful bacteria can make us sick. Harmful germs are present everywhere, particularly dense on the things we use regularly. We need to be conscious of the harmful bacteria around us and do not let it into our body. To distance germs from us and to protect our skin, we require a defensive shield.

Ultimate Solution to Protect from Germs

Armor8 Nano spray is the shield in safeguarding you from the harmful bacteria. This solitary product of its kind is made up of an advance Nano Technology with the unique solution Titanium dioxide.

This hypoallergenic substance is generally used as an additive in the many foods, personal care, and cosmetic products, making it one of the most effective products to use as an Anti-Bacterial spray. This Inert earth mineral protects from the radiation and is gentle towards the skin.

The Nanoparticles in Titanium Dioxide have a photocatalytic effect, due to which it regenerates when organic or artificial light reacts with it.

Ultimate Solution to Protect from Germs Using ARMOR 8:

1) Clean the surface where there is dirt,

2) Now spray the area with Armor 8

3) Wipe it and let it dry Once sprayed,

The solution regenerates to 30 days upon the light ray effect. It evaporates bacteria and scatters them away. Based on the usage and the needs of individuals, we have categorized Armor 8 into four editions, giving you the easy ways to protect against harmful germs and bacteria. There are different editions in Armor 8 as Ultimate Solution to Protect from Germs

General edition: Armor 8 is available in General Edition for multi-purpose version. 

Family edition: Armor 8 does know your family needs, thus evaporating harmful bacteria in your home is the responsibility of Family Edition.

Travel edition: Armor 8 is your true travel companion by protecting you from harmful bacteria throughout the journey.

Active edition: Armor 8 comes in an easy pocket-size bottle as Active Edition, which you can carry along to your gym and continue to be fit and fine. With the difference in the specification, these products help eliminate bacteria on any surface. Life is precious, thus live every moment making the best memories and staying healthy!

Live the life with happy moments, not with the magnetizing bacteria.

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