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Sparkle Hygiene at Festive Times with Armor8!

Sparkle Hygiene at Festive Times with Armor8!

Festival, Festival & Festivals…!

These words ring all the time in the second half of the year. Festivals as Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra, and also Diwali celebrated across India. We live in a country that holds the authentic value of the festival essence in every corner of our hearts. It is the time when our family members gather to celebrate and share happiness.

Many of us wait for this auspicious time to rejoice every moment. Kids and elders wear new clothes and do the Sparkle Hygiene at Festive Times, which may vary from place to place. Festival is the time to celebrate the history of goodness with the present.

We do not generally realize it is also the time we ignore the most important things. Health is the priority factor, no matter it is festive time or not. The rainy season invites bacteria in every way. If not taken care of the bacteria, they spread various infections. Just in time for the celebration, you might end up in the hospital.

To promote hygiene surroundings and celebrate bacteria-free festivals, you need Surface Disinfectant Nano Spray. It has a unique approach to hold on to the surfaces and make them bacteria-free up to 30 days.

To preserve health, you need to practice hygiene in every way possible. The healthiness to live longer depends upon the care you take of yourself. Let us discuss what practices uproot the bacterial colonization and help in improving the hygiene surfaces in your home. A home has typically five main areas. They are such as,

  • Kitchen Room
  • Living Room
  • Bedroom
  • Garage
  • Playroom

The onset of monsoon increases the risk of bacterial infections. At the time of the festival, we must take additional precautions for bacteria-free surroundings with Bacteria Protection Nano Spray. The following detailed information on bacteria can help you have a hygiene home environment.

Kitchen Room

The kitchen is the most favourite place in the entire home for food lovers. It is the place where delicious and most healthy food is prepared and cooked. All the ingredients, vegetables, and food machinery kept in the kitchen. To make sure every person in the home is healthy, they must have nutritious food.

Does just the delicious and nutritious food keep them healthy all the Sparkle Hygiene at Festive Times?

Food, when delicious, is very much exciting to eat. But, the taste of food is not just enough. The utensils and the surfaces you use for cooking the food needs to be hygiene to be healthy. The bacteria grime attracts to vegetables, fruits, and moist places.

As the bacteria cannot be seen with the naked eyes, they create much more menace. Kitchen Cleaner Spray can aid you in making the kitchen space hygiene. It is necessary to use the best Household Cleaning Products to make the kitchen space hygiene. Antibacterial Nano spray for home utilities can be used on a mixer, counter-top, fridge, and other places.

Living Room

 The place to relax and spend time with family. It is the place where everyone in the family spends the quality with one another room. Watching television with family is one of the sweetest things.

Have you ever thought of the bacteria on the remote control?

The harmful bacteria crawl on the remote and transfer from one through another by touching surfaces. When harmful bacteria enter the body, they cause bacterial infection. Antibacterial Nano spray for Home lets you disinfect the living room surfaces. Include hygiene in every moment to excel healthiness in your home.


The land of dreams in the entire home is the bedroom. All the tiredness vanishes by resting peacefully. The clean curtains, matching pillow cover, and the elegant bed sheets need a few more things to stay healthy. It is one other than hygiene. The small objects such as a doorknob, lamp, and few others can be the host for harmful germs. To disinfect the harmful bacteria, you need to use Antibacterial Nano Spray. It can last up to 30 days and can protect your surfaces with its new technology.


The place where the vehicles are parked. Whether it might be a car, bike, and a cycle, vehicles are wealthy and also gives us great comfort. The layer under the comfort can be unhealthy as it has harmful bacteria. To unleash the hygiene on your car surface, use Antibacterial Nano spray for Car. It disinfects the surfaces of your car and protects from bacterial colonization up to 30 days. Improve the hygiene levels on your vehicles and have a healthy ride with the family.


Children are delicate when compared with adults. They tend to fall sick very soon. The immune power of the children is not much as to battle bacterial infections. To make their health better and stop harmful bacteria from reaching them, use Anti-Fungal Nano Spray.

Spray the fantastic product on the toys and the kid’s bags. Once you disinfect the bacteria on the things they use regularly, you can stop bacterial infections from reaching them.

Bacteria might not be seen with naked eyes. We provide you with the amazing Armor8 spray that can protect from the bacteria on surfaces. Make your festivities have grandness in every celebration this season. With the hygiene protection of the Armor8 spray, you can be tension free up to 30 days about bacterial colonization.

Armor8 has non-toxic titanium dioxide used as a food additive in the food industry. It is safe to use on the surfaces of the things which we regularly use.

Sparkle Hygiene at Festive Times Armor8 on surfaces

1) Clean the surface

2) Spray the surface

3) Wipe the surface or dry it

One spray can last up to 30 days. We are assuring you of bacterial free surface up to 30 days. Easy to carry, very handy, and fits in your pocket. Always ready to be used on any surface. Once sprayed, the solution regenerates till 30 days upon the light rays due to the photocatalytic effect. It evaporates bacteria and safeguards your health.

There are different editions in Armor8 which can be sprayed on different surfaces. Such as,

General edition

 It is effective up to 30 days and can use at Home, Office, Cars, Hotels, Automobiles, Restaurants, Hospitals, Clinics, and Equipment. Make Environment Bacteria-free and reduce the infections caused by them by using Armor8 Anti-Bacteria Spray

Family edition

It is safe to use on all soft and hard surfaces in your home. Beauty products, Kitchen countertops, Kitchen appliances, Living room furniture, curtains, Decors, Bedroom Mattress, pillows, sheets, Kids stationery items, toys, and Puzzle boxes can now be bacteria-free up to 30 days with one Spray of Armor8 Anti-Bacteria Nano Spray.

Travel edition

It is handy and easy to use on all your Tours. Travel Edition is safe to use on Travel items, Digital gadgets, Wallets, Handbags, Credit/debit cards, and many more. Take selfies and video the beautiful festive times in the germ-free environment by using Travel Edition.

Active edition

Armor8 Active Edition is all about making surfaces of your Gym Equipment, Shoes, Socks, Tracksuits, Bicycle, motor vehicles, and Helmets bacteria-free to protect you from bacterial infections. Active Edition is non-toxic and evaporates harmful germs and odour caused by bacteria up to 30 days.

To your diversified usages of the things, we have brought you the above four editions. To suffice with your aid against bacteria, use Armor8 Antibacterial Nano Spray.

Celebrate the beautiful festivals to enhance the healthy life with the essence of hygiene!

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