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Role of Disinfectant Spray in Our Daily Life

Life was all adventurous and beautiful before the pandemic. I know you must be revisiting every memory of outdoor fun activities you have done in the previous year. As per 2020, none of it seems to be happening, especially not the same way for some time. The only words we hear nowadays are masks and Disinfectant Spray. The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has changed the face of life. There were good days and bad days before 2020, but it is just pandemic days now. Every single wrong assumption can cause your life your health. The COVID-19 made us realize we were not worried about the bacteria or the germs around us. Now, as the pandemic has started, we care about every single detail around us, particularly at home. To prevent the infection in causing health troubles to you and your loved ones, everyone must follow precautions.

How can one get infected by the COVID-19?

Coronavirus at the starting was mysterious to many of us. Now that health officials have released the information about the virus and its way to spread, we need to know them. The infection spreads from the infected person through direct contact or from the respiratory droplets. When the infected person coughs or sneezes the small droplets from their nose or mouth fall on surfaces or people near to them. Once the droplets reach the surface, the infection in them will be alive for hours or days. The healthy person when touches these infected surfaces, the virus colonized on the surface gets transmitted on to the person. This way, the healthier people contract the virus and the chain of spreading it continues, until it breaks. From the details mentioned above, you can observe that surfaces are one of the reasons that are transmitting the virus to healthy people. To prevent Coronavirus, it is very crucial to keep our surroundings and the surfaces we touch hygiene.

How can disinfectant spray help us?

Armor8 General Edition is one of the advanced disinfectant sprays. Knowing before it, let us know about the concept of disinfectant sprays. Harmful germs and bacteria around us are the reason the surroundings or surfaces around us cannot be hygiene. The bacteria can be transferred from one surface to another, causing bacterial infections. To protect our health, we do not just make the surfaces cleaner; we need to make them hygiene. Armor8 is formulated with the advanced nanotechnology consisting of titanium dioxide nanoparticles. These particles, when sprayed on the surfaces, eliminates the germs and form an invisible layer of protection for making the surface hygiene up to 30 days. Once sprayed, the coating protects the surface from harbouring any bacteria or germs, making it hygiene. Next time when people touch these hygiene surfaces, the germs from them does not transfer.

What is the difference between regular cleaners and disinfectant sprays?

There is a huge difference between cleaning and hygiene. Cleaning makes the surfaces free from dust particles, whereas the disinfectant spray removes bacteria and germs. Some of the people use regular cleaners such as soap and water for most of the hard surfaces and assume the surface is free from bacteria. No, it is one of the biggest misassumption as the removal of dust particles does not eliminate bacteria. A disinfectant spray is specially formulated and tested in the process to eliminate and protect the surface from germs colonization. The regular cleaners include a basic formula of water and liquids that usually does not affect bacteria. In the times of pandemic using the best resources for keeping our surroundings hygiene is the primary goal. Use the disinfectant spray at the home, office, or public places to eliminate germs.

Can disinfectant spray eliminate harmful germs on hard surfaces?

Yes, Germ Protection & Hygiene Disinfectant Spray can eliminate harmful germs on hard surfaces. Generally, the high-touch surfaces are prone to bacteria harbouring. High-touch surfaces are the spots many people frequently touch, whether it is home or office. Doorknobs, switches, handles, remotes, refrigerator, faucets, lift buttons, countertops, tables, chairs, and toilets are the high-touch surfaces at home. As most people touch them, the germs will highly colonize at these places. To make your home hygiene high-touch surfaces are primarily sprayed with disinfectant, later on, other spots. The method of spraying disinfectant is simple. The first step, use a wipe to clean the surface you wish to spray. Next, spray the disinfectant on the surface. Later, let the surface dry or wipe it if necessary. Now, the surface is free from bacteria up to 30 days.

What precautions are necessary at home, office, and public places?

Our regular life may not be the same, but we are unfolding our routine lifestyle slowly. To stay safe in the process of unlocking our everyday routine, we need to follow precautions for hygiene. At home, make sure to spray disinfectant on surfaces and do not let the new things enter the home without spraying disinfectant. At the office, make your cubicle hygiene, and do not touch any other surfaces with bare hands. Always use disinfectant spray or tissue before touching other things. Sharing the same items may have high chances of transmitting the virus. It is better to use your supplies all day long. While choosing public transportation or shopping, carry the disinfectant spray and wipes to ensure your hygiene. Armor8 Travel Edition is easy to carry and use while travelling. Making your journey hygiene and safe from bacteria.

Step out of the home only if it is required and essential at the moment. If not, it is very advisable to stay at home as the COVID-19 is still spreading in the country. Most of the people have lost their lives, and many doctors and health care officials are working to provide care for infected patients. It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves and our loved ones to keep them away from the COVID-19. Following precautions such as wearing a mask, maintaining social distance and using a disinfectant spray can reduce the chances of infection and improve hygiene around you.

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