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Monsoon Infections and Preventive Tips!

Monsoon Infections and Preventive Tips finally here to spellbind us in its beautiful charm!

Have you been out in the rain and had all the fun in the sprinkling water of magic this season?

If your answer is YES!!!

Then this article is definitely for you.

Monsoon may be pleasant and beautiful from all the corners of the world, but the harm that it brings to us just within a few seconds is unimaginable too!

You might not believe me now. But, as I provide you with the detailed information, you will get to know more about the rain and the harmful effects of bacteria in the monsoon season.

Let us know a little bit about the types of germs and their favourite places.

Germs are of 4 types mainly. They are,

(1) Single-celled organisms are known as Bacteria, and they get the nutrients from the surroundings to stay alive. Most of the bacteria get attracted to the human body. Thus the reason we end up having strep throat, ear infections and many more infections. Monsoon mainly treated as flu season as with the atmosphere, and the diseases too spread very quickly affecting people.

(2) Viruses reside in living cells to reproduce. They cannot survive without a host. Infections spread through people. Virus colonizes on objects such as Fridge doors, dining tables and many more. Infected person spreads diseases through objects.

(3) Fungi are the multi-celled organisms. They need humans, animals or plants to survive on. Fungi prefer warm and damp places. Fungi mainly cause rashes.

(4) The protozoan is a single-celled organism, which lives in the moisture environment. They mostly spread diseases through the water. Nausea, diarrhoea, nausea, and belly pain.

Once germs invade our body, they end up causing infections. Climate changes also trigger the severity of the virus and create various types of diseases. At the initial stage, an infection cannot be seen. As time passes, our body showcases the symptoms of the diseases.

Monsoon brings the following diseases as it arrives,

Cold & flu: Common cold and flu tend to have an easy path in the monsoon season. The main reason for cold and flu is the sudden change in the weather. Tingling sensation in the throat is the starting sage for the cold and flu. Once the exterior food or weather triggers the cold, it severely escalates. A person with a cold can affect another person by spreading the bacteria. Bacteria tend to stay and colonize on most of the things. Such as Doorknobs, Desktops, mobile phones, and so on…

To make your regular used things free from bacteria use Armor8 anti-bacterial Nanospray.

Viral fever: The most common disease in the monsoon season is the viral fever. Viral infections affect humans in many types. It is an underlying infection which has symptoms such as, fatigue, dizziness, muscle, and joint pains, and weakness. Taking precautions can make you avoid viral infections. Keep your surroundings clean. Use Armor8 Anti-bacterial Nanospray for a hygiene environment.

Typhoid: Typhoid is a bacterial infection, caused by the bacteria “Salmonella typhi”. It is mainly due to contaminated food and water, and the virus spreads quickly. It can lead to high fever, nausea, sore throat, and a few more signs. Poor hygiene and sanitation is the primary cause of typhoid. Use Armor8 Family edition for a bacteria-free environment.

Dengue: Bites of Aedes Aegypti mosquito cause Dengue. Headaches, low platelet count, rashes, are a few symptoms of Dengue. This Monsoon fever causes lethal inflammation with increasing severity. Use mosquito repellent spray to prevent dengue.

Malaria: Anopheles mosquitoes spread Malaria. It is a life-threatening infection which causes trouble to liver function in the body and later kills red blood cells. Symptoms of Malaria are fever, vomiting, shivering, sweats, and headache.

Chikungunya: Mosquito bites cause this viral infection. The contaminated and staggering water has colonial of mosquitoes, causing harm to the living.

Chikungunya symptoms include persistent joint and muscle pain, headache skin rashes.

Jaundice: Increased number of bilirubin in the blood causes discolourization of eyes, skin, and mucous membrane. This infection is known as Jaundice. Yellow urine, vomiting, and liver dysfunction are the main symptoms of Jaundice. Avoid oil food and drinking boiled water can prevent from Jaundice!

Stomach Infection: Unhygienic food products or liquids when consumed cause stomach infections. One of the common stomach infections in monsoon season is the Gastroenteritis. Vomiting, low-grade fever, and nausea are a few symptoms of stomach infections. Make your surroundings hygiene with the Armor8 anti-bacterial Nanospray and avoid the germs.

Few preventive tips for staying healthy in monsoon are:

Eat healthily

Avoid excess oil

Do not eat outside food

Proper sleeping patterns

Eat Vitamin D food

Regular exercise

Maintain good hygiene

Keep surroundings hygiene

With all the above preventive measures use our Armor8 Antibacterial Nanospray for having hygiene environment.

Our nanotechnology and titanium dioxide solution Armor8 Antibacterial Nanospray can solve all your bacterial problems in the monsoon season. Prevention is better than cure. Prevent bacterial infections by choosing Armor8. The easy usage of this product can be handy for all your hygiene needs. Armor8 can use as,

Antibacterial Nano Spray for Toilets,

Antibacterial Nano Spray for Storage rooms,

Antibacterial Nano Spray for Laundry,

Antibacterial Nano Spray for Pet areas,

Antibacterial Nano Spray for Closets,

Antibacterial Nano Spray for Shoe cabinets,

Antibacterial Nano Spray for Gym equipment

Antibacterial Nano Spray for Fitness equipment

Antibacterial Nano Spray for Gym gears

Antibacterial Nano Spray for Bicycle

Antibacterial Nano Spray for Sports equipment

Antibacterial Nano Spray for Helmets

Antibacterial Nano Spray for Shoes

Antibacterial Nano Spray for Socks

Antibacterial Nano Spray for Track Suits

Armor8 is a one-stop solution for making your unclean objects into hygiene.

Usage of Armor8 on surfaces:

1) Clean the surface

2) Spray the surface

3) Wipe the surface or dry it

Before spraying Armor8 solution, clean the surface you would like to disinfect. Later spray the Armor8 and dry the area. Once sprayed Armor8 forms a protective layer. Armor8 is an anti-bacterial solution. When the bacteria come in contact with the surface, the layer of Armor8 reacts with it and evaporates bacteria. Armor8 anti-bacterial nanospray one-time application will last up to 30 days. Due to its regenerative process as the photocatalytic effect, whenever any light source reaches the armor8 surfaces, the ions in armor8 regenerate their power and works as efficient as they are for the first time. When exposed to any light source, Armor8 does not just eliminate germs, and they also make the environment odour free. This self-applied disinfectant is effective up to 30 days and evaporates odour when exposed to any light source and decomposes organic matter.

Every season has it’s not so positive things. Welcome rainy season to chill and enjoy the weather with Armor8 Anti-bacterial spray!

Explore New Places and enjoy the pleasant climate of Monsoon in a Hygiene Environment by Using Armor8!

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