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Master The Art Of Gym Hygiene with Armor8!

Life is an Art Of Gym Hygiene that needs to fill with different colours for a fantastic look. Well, things we like doing such as eating, sleeping, exercise, office work and a few more make our life satisfied. Goals in life will pave the path with hard work and time, but one has to take care of the health. To attain the best results for a healthy body: proper diet and workouts are very much essential.

Is that all you need to stay healthy?

If its yes, then here is a part you might be missing. One can only possess a healthy body by having proper diet and workouts along with Hygiene. The tiny things that lurk around us can cause more damage we can imagine. Those small things are known as microbes. Germs are of different types as:

1) Bacteria

2) Fungi

3) Viruses

Most of the germs are harmful and can even cause a significant health problem if not taken care. Some of the germs are not visible to the naked eye. The classification of germs may be of varied types according to the shapes and the speed they multiply. Bacteria might be all around you, on the sofa, mobile, kitchen countertop, desktop, yoga mat, dumbbells and many more places can colonize the bacteria and host them as long as the environment support.

Well, you must be thinking, what about the immunity present in our body? Isn’t it supposedly protect us from every bacteria?

You are partially correct. Immunity present in our body can resist the harmful microorganisms from entering into our body. When we are sick, our bodies set to conquer the invader organism by activating the immune system.

Sometimes the intensity of the microorganisms increases so advance that the immune system doesn’t control them; in that case, we use antibiotics to serve as the partners to the immune system. Thus one should not think the immune system can eventually save us from the harmful germs. It entirely depends on the intensity of the harmful bacteria and the rapid speed at which they are increasing.

If you have the habit of doing workouts in the gym, then pat yourself. Workouts can do wonders in life. According to the proverb, “Health is wealth”. With regular healthy habits, you acquire much happiness in your day to day life. Attending the GYM is one of the best fitness regimens.

The Art Of Gym Hygiene has many fitness equipment that helps you to improve your health with many other benefits. Working out does release the sweat from the body that allows you to have a healthy blood flow throughout the body. The proper blood flow in the body increases the metabolism and helps you to stay fresh and fit.

Have you ever thought that gym equipment used by everyone could hold something on to it?


Yes, you read it right!

The damp environment of the gym with excess sweat creates ideal conditions for the germs. Sweaty germs lurk around the Art Of Gym Hygiene equipment, and they are transferred from one hand to another every single day. Microbes are present everywhere, and thus they are carried by everyone onto the surfaces of gym equipment. Not just the equipment, even using other towels, toiletry, or drink that wasn’t theirs can transfer the bacteria from one to another.

Types of the grossest gym germs are:

Human papillomavirus:

It is famously known as HPV. One of the most common STD. HPV causes genital warts in men and women. If not treated in time, this virus can lead to cervical cancer in women and anal cancer in men.

Klebsiella: Found in healthy human intestines and stool Klebsiella can result in various kinds of infections. It causes urinary tract infections and pneumonia but in unusual cases, blood infections and meningitis. It spreads through contact through shared equipment.

E. Coli: Commonly known as Escherichia Coli. E.coil causes infections such as vomiting, cramps, and diarrhoea. It spreads through contaminated food and tainted gym surfaces. It mostly has gut-wrenching symptoms.

Staphylococcus Aureus:

It is also known as staph and causes skin infections. These infections are very mild and cause pimples, rashes all over the body. The deeper the bacteria enters into the skin, life-threatening disease such as pneumonia, sepsis, or meningitis can occur. Staph infection spreads through contact. Skin-to-skin contact, sharing towels, razor, and exercise equipment can transfer the staph infections.


The most common fungal infections are Candida. The yeast-like fungal infections can cause athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch in men, and mainly yeast infections in women. Candida fungi love warm and moist conditions. They are mostly found in locker rooms, showers, sauna, and swimming pools.

Ring-shaped rashes on your skin are known as ringworm is the symptom of candida fungal infection. It causes many other rashes in the sweaty areas of the body. If not treated in time, can lead to blisters and cracked skin.

Streptococcal bacteria: It is contagious spreads through person-to-person contact. Strep bacteria usually causes respiratory infections such as throat infection and also inner ear infections. Streptococcal is a type of bacteria found on doorknobs, airborne droplets, sweaty exercise equipment, locker rooms, and saunas.

Mild throat infections and pneumonia are the main symptoms of the steps. Skin infections such as impetigo cause cellulitis, and blisters, which affects inner layers of skin.


Influenza virus causes the throat, nose, and lung infections. Aeroplanes, movie theatres, gym areas are the most common places to acquire Influenza. Cough and sneeze of an infected person can spread the flu through nose, and hands.

Bacteria are present on every surface all around you, and it is mandatory for you to be cautious of your health. I know you might be thinking; it is always easier said than done. You might be wondering how anyone can evaporate the bacteria in the environment. Art Of Gym Hygiene gears to humans, and then the chain to spread the harmful germs continues with everyone until its end.

Can you ever end the chain of bacteria spreading from one to another?

 Yes, you can!

The bacteria on the surfaces can now evaporate with the help of Armor8 Anti-bacterial Nanospray. It is a unique solution made with nanotechnology. To obtain complete Hygiene and have a life without harmful germs in the environment you live in, opt for the perfect anti-bacterial solution known as the Armor8 Active Edition!

Features of Armor8 anti-bacteria nanospray:

1) Anti-bacterial

2) Antifungal

3) Antiviral

4) Photocatalytic effect

5) Anti-odour

Armor8 anti-bacterial nanospray has the features as mentioned above to enhance the hygienist of your Gym. This Antibacterial Nano Spray can be used for your Gym equipment, Fitness equipment, Gym gears, Bicycle, Sports equipment, Helmets, Shoes, Socks, Track Suits, and few more surfaces to build the hygiene environment.

Usage of Armor8 on surfaces:

1) Clean the surface

2) Spray the surface

3) Wipe the surface or dry it.

Before spraying Armor8 solution, clean the surface you would like to disinfect. Later spray the Armor8 and dry the area. Once sprayed Armor8 forms a protective layer. Armor8 is an anti-bacterial solution. When the bacteria come in contact with the surface, the layer of Armor8 reacts with it and evaporates bacteria.

Armor8 anti-bacterial nanospray one-time application will last up to 30 days. Due to its regenerative process as the photocatalytic effect, whenever any light source reaches the armor8 surfaces, the ions in armor8 regenerate their power and works as efficient as they are for the first time.

When exposed to any light source, Armor8 does not just eliminate germs, and they also make the environment odour free. This self-applied disinfectant is effective up to 30 days and evaporates odour when exposed to any light source and decomposes organic matter.

Armor8 Active Edition is your Gym companion for having a hygiene workout session.

Hygiene is the saviour of life!


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