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Make your Travelling Spree Hygiene and Alive with Armor8!

Live your life by a compass, not by a clock” – the best thought a traveller could have!
Life is lively when we do the things that evolve us positively in one or the other way.
Well, how can you know what are the things that can make you evolve positively?
The answer lies within you!
If the answer is travelling, then hop on to the article for an essence of liveliness in a journey!
Make your Travelling Spree Hygiene sure has one or other definitions for every individual. It takes a ride to know yourself to describe what kind of description you would be defining!
Just as for me,
Travelling is Freedom and it is an art of Life, making us explore the joy in living life by our choice. A ride does not mean getting to dangerous or haunted places. A ride just to the shore of the sea can also be the defining moment in your life.

The freedom to rule your life exists in the process of enhancing qualities in you. If travelling makes you feel the same, and then explore the art of travel.
I know, it is easier said than done!
When you are travelling to a destination for the first or alone, many concerns arise in your mind. Few of the main concerns of travelling are:
Losing luggage
Food poisoning
Sweaty clothes
Your hotel might be messy and so on…!
The above concerns can ruin your holiday spirit at the new place. To enjoy your holidays even after the above concerns is just amazing. Make your holiday spirit amazing by following the below tips.

Jet lag occurs due to change in the two or more time zones. As you travel through different places with different time zones will make your internal sleep-wake cycle disrupted, and take a spin making you dizzy for most of the time. This temporary sleeping disorder can resolve within a few days. If you would like to prevent this temporary sleeping disorder before it’s an issue, then you can do a few things:

Adjust your clock a few days before your travel. So, you can maintain your sleep-wake cycle as per your destination timings.

Do not fill up your stomach with tons of food before departure

Skip alcohol and cigar

Drink plenty of water and healthy juices
The main concept is to adjust yourself to the rhythm of destination.

Losing your Luggage on a fun journey would be a nightmare. All the beautiful and fun things you have packed for the travel disappearing in just a few minutes can seriously break your heart right at the moment if metaphorically speaking.

Consider waiting at the arrival belt in the airport, looking at the bags being picked up by everyone, and suddenly the belt gets deserted, and you realize your bags went missing.

It is the best if you attach a tag with your name, email id and mobile number written on it to the inside or outside of the bags. As the ID on your bags may get the attention of the people and may return your luggage. Always try to match your multiple bags to make them move together and this way even you can notice all at once.

Food Poisoning causes due to the germs present in the food or the environment where utensils used for cooking food. The hot temperatures kill the bacteria present in the environment, whereas the lukewarm and cold temperature foods support bacteria colonization.

Even you might be a prime reason for the cause of food poisoning. As the low hygiene levels surrounding you also might be one of the reasons for food poisoning. Bacteria are tiny organisms. They spread very quickly.

As they easily transfer from one surface to surface, it is easy for the harmful bacteria to enter into our bodies through our skin, hands, mouth and the food we eat.
To avoid food poisoning, it might be the best way for you to eat hot food and fresh fruits and keep your surroundings clean with Armor8 anti-bacterial nanospray!

One cannot guarantee the weather to be beautiful and windy all the time. The sunny glaze and the levels of humidity might cover you up with sweat all day long. The sweat then causes your clothes to be wet and creates moisture suitable enough for the bacteria to build the colonies on your clothes.

You might be feeling ill, and less than 48 hours, there are hefty chances for you to have the skin infections due to the harmful bacteria.
Carry the Antibacterial Nanospray for backpack and make your backpack germ-free.

Even after solving all the above concerns, there is still one place where you need to be much more careful and make the most of your time and money. It is your expensive hotel room. After the long hours of journey or after the long hours of spending time at your new destination, you will need some of the excellent time to rest in the king size bed in your hotel room.

It turns out even after spending lots of money on your hotel room, and you might be feeling it is the messiest place. Well, we cannot agree more as many visitors have attended the room before you and they must have been doing the same thing as you, such as holding the same doorknobs, same chairs and using the same Television and AC remotes as you are using.

It is one of the most frightening things to imagine what if the person before has some allergy and they just are passing it on to you through the items in the hotel room. You might be having a lot of the same suspicions. You cannot just evade the hotel room due to your infinite concerns. We have a perfect solution to your problems with related matters.

If you are staying in any lodges/hotels then you can apply Armor8 onto your room’s door handles, bathroom taps, toilet flush handle, light switches, TV remotes, telephone handles, switches as these are the high-risk areas in germ spreading hotspots in any lodge/hotels. So the chances for infections due to the presence of harmful viruses and bacteria will eventually reduce.

Use our nanotechnology and titanium dioxide solution Armor8 Antibacterial Nanospray to solve all your bacterial problems at your expensive hotel room and make your travel spree continue with the fun and exciting. Explore New Places In A Hygiene Environment By Using Armor8 Travel Edition!

Travelling is joy and exciting, make the most of your travel experiences into best memories by maintaining high levels of hygiene with Armor8 Travel Edition. It is made specially to use while travelling. Luggage handles, smartphones, wallets, watches, credit & debit cards, shoes, socks can be hygiene by using Armor8.
Usage of Armor8 on surfaces:
1) Clean the surface
2) Spray the surface
3) Wipe the surface or dry it.

Before spraying Armor8 solution, clean the surface you would like to disinfect. Later spray the Armor8 and dry the area. Once sprayed Armor8 forms a protection layer. Armor8 is an anti-bacterial solution. When the bacteria come in contact with the surface, the layer of Armor8 reacts with it and evaporates bacteria. Armor8 anti-bacterial nanospray one-time application will last up to 30 days.

Due to its regenerative process as the photocatalytic effect, whenever any light source reaches the armor8 surfaces, the ions in armor8 regenerate their power and works as efficient as they are for the first time. When exposed to any light source, Armor8 does not just eliminate germs, and they also make the environment odour free. This self-applied disinfectant is effective up to 30 days and evaporates odour when exposed to any light source and decomposes organic matter.

Make your Travelling Spree Hygiene Armor8 Travel Edition is your Travel companion for having a hygiene travel experience.

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