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How to Stay Safe from Harmful Germs & Bacteria?

Prevention is better than Cure.”

As per the saying, How to Stay Safe from Harmful Germs “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure.” Modernization of our world has led us to numerous paths which gave us solutions that we never imagined. In the way towards success, one must not bury the health, as health is the prominent aspect to enjoy any wealth. Instead of waiting for the cure to evolve, one should prevent themselves and their loved one from the diseases.

Healthy environment leads to a healthy lifestyle. To prevent the infections, you need to know the causes and precautions for not being the victim of bacterial infections.

Respiratory infection stands as one of the highest diseases to kill people in the entire world. The reason for the lower respiratory problem is entirely due to the viral infection caused by the bacteria primarily. These types of diseases are viral and thus spread across the patients to healthy people. One has to take care of themselves before these types of bacterial infections attack them.

Few diseases caused by bacteria are:

  • Food poisoning
  • Ulcers
  • STD’s
  • Meningitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Strep Throat
  • Kidney failure

To prevent being a victim of these infections you have to stay away from bacteria and germs.

How are the germs causing diseases?

Any infection occurs in the body when bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens invade the body and thus begin to multiply. They slowly malignant the organs and feed on them. The infected organ will not be functioning correctly and starts to affect bodily functions. The main ways through which bacteria enter into the body are:

  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Nose
  • Urogenital openings
  • Wounds
  • Bites   
  • Few through skin
  • Body fluids
  • Cough and sneeze

Above mentioned are few ways for bacteria to enter the body.  A person infected with bacterial issues can often have conditions such as fatigue, Chills, cough, cold, Fever, Burning sensation, Sore throat, and Shortness of breath.

These Symptoms need to have an accurate cure as they might damage the functioning of the organs and end up causing severe illness. Hence here we have given you five ways to avoid harmful germs & bacteria so that you can always stay safe & feel protected!

5 Ways to Stay Away from Harmful Bacteria and Germs!

1)    Wash Your Hands:

The first and foremost way to stay away from harmful germs & bacteria by cleaning your hands.

Mostly before eating foods, while preparing meals, after using the toilet, while blowing the nose, after coughing or sneezing, after touching the animal, animal feed or animal waste, after touching garbage, before and after caring someone sick, before and after treating a cut or wound, etc. Always make a habit of washing your hands frequently every hour or use hand sanitizer when you can’t use soap and water & use antibacterial soap while cleaning your hands.

2)    Disinfectant the Surfaces:

To stay safe from diseases, make sure you are disinfecting your surrounding surfaces & it is essential to understand how surfaces can spread germs and bacteria that can make you sick and sometimes it may harm you severely.

To prevent spreading harmful germs and bacteria always keep your surrounding surfaces or frequently used things should disinfect. In your homes, hospitals, offices & schools, be aware of the surfaces like office desks, kitchen Areas, faucet handles, toilet seats, countertops, doorknobs, computer keyboards, TV Remotes, hands-on learning items, Sinks, light switches, phones, toys & sofas, etc. are germs spreading hotspots.

30 days Using Armor8

As germs & viruses are live 24hrs on hard surfaces, you must disinfectant those surfaces with ARMOR 8 so that it can give you protection up to 30 days.

Cleaning the surfaces with water does not make bacteria-free. You must make sure that germs should not accumulate and regrow at that place. So, instead of using your traditional cleaning methods which do not provide bacteria-free protection, Use AROMOR8 for bacteria-free surroundings.

ARMOR 8– A Non-toxic

Antibacterial Nano Spray that protects you against harmful germs & bacteria by evaporating the harmful viruses & bacteria from any types of surfaces.

ARMOR 8 has photocatalytic effects, whenever it gets contact with any lights, it reactivates it and protects the surface against harmful germs and bacteria.

To disinfectant, any surface, Just Clean it, Spray It, Wipe & Dry it.

3)    Make Healthy Habits:

“Health is the wealth,” as per the great saying being healthy is the most significant wealth one can ever have in their life. Thus, to be away from infections you need to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Make a healthy routine, maintain a healthy diet including plenty of fruits, vegetables & whole-grain foods.

Make a habit of at least 30minutes of exercise every day.

Get enough sleep, keep your weight healthy, don’t drink too much alcohol & don’t smoke.

A healthy habit makes your immune system strong, and that will help you to protect you against harmful germs & bacteria.

4)    Keep ARMOR 8 Handy:

To Stay away from germs and bacteria, always keep a handy ARMOR 8 Nano Spray with you while travelling or Outing or any trips to avoid any infections through germs and viruses.

Apply Armor 8 on your travelling bags, trolley handles, chains, shoes, on your cars steering, seats, gears, door handles, etc. and make your journey happy, healthy & hygiene.

An Armor 8 while travelling always helps you keep away from harmful viruses, flu, bacteria so that you can enjoy the journey with actively and safely. So always keep an Armor 8 with you while outing.

5)    Keep Your Hands Away from Face:

As the viruses, flu, & other harmful germs enter the body mostly through nose, eyes & mouth. So, try not to use your hands to rub eyes, bite the nails, & use disposable tissues when you blow your nose.

Never Ignore the Present as it might cost Your Future!

Health is a prominent aspect by which one can live life. Do not let bacterial infections trouble your path of healthy living. Use Armor8 Anti-bacterial Nano Spray which can evaporate the bacteria and germs on the surfaces up to 30 days from the first spray. It is effortless to carry along with your travel or gym sessions, and flexible enough to use on any surface.

How to Stay Safe from Harmful Germs to use Armor 8 Anti-bacterial Nano Spray?

Armor8 is available in four different editions for your varied requirements.

Armor 8 can Stay Safe from Harmful Germs:

  1. Clean the area where you wish to spray
  2. Spray the Armor 8 on the surface
  3. Clean or let it dry for some time

Your Surface is now dis-infected with Armor 8 solution. Whenever bacteria attack the surface, the ions in the Armor 8 solution disintegrate the bacteria and evaporate it. Giving your surface complete bacteria-free protection for up to 30 days. One of the primary specialities of ARMOR 8 is that it has a photo-catalytic effect.

This effect causes the spray to regenerate ions in it by absorbing any light source available. Photo-catalytic nature of the product gives you an advantage of bacteria-free surface up to 30 days. To know more about How it Works Visit: How Armor 8 Works!

An Armor 8 is a health companion in your everyday life.

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