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Disinfect Your Environment Instantly With Armor8!

Rain clouds are here to makes us charm with its beautiful aura!

Monsoon is a perfect time either to travel to the natural waterfalls or chill in the home watching beautiful movies. Any place where the magic of rain can feel is the first thing that comes to the mind. Along with delight experience, travel hygiene is equally important to Disinfect Your Environment Instantly With Armor8

Enjoying the rain is fun, but have you ever thought of the cons of monsoon?

YES!!! Monsoon is not all pretty, and it isn’t all about charismatic weather. It is the season for the germ invasion.

YES! You read it right. Monsoon is also the favourite season for the Disinfect Your Environment Instantly With Armor8.

Germs are the organisms which like to live in moist places.  They tend to survive in damp conditions. The moisture in the atmosphere allows germs to multiply. There are four major types of microbes present in the environment.





Germs can invade humans, plants, and animals. They tend to use the living body as the source of survival. Bacteria need to survive on the parasite. When it enters into the human body, we become the parasite to it. Then bacteria tend to spread in the body and make us sick.

Each type of bacteria tends to have different effects on a person. One bacterium can make us weak, causing headache and vomiting, whereas other bacteria can cause typhoid. If not taken care of the virus or bacteria that entered the body can even damage the internal organs. Damage of internal organs leads to organ failure and may end up dying. Bacteria are present almost everywhere. To make your environment bacteria-free, you need to use a smart solution.

A solution that can be effective on different types of germs and can give you the comfort of hygiene. Armor8 Anti-bacterial Nano Spray is the solution to all your bacterial problems. Armor8 Anti-Bacterial Nano Spray is the new technology to eliminate bacteria on the surfaces.

Armor8 is the only spray that requires using on the surface, rather than our hands. Before knowing more about the solution, let us know about the real issue of bacteria. Monsoon makes our immune system weekend with water-borne diseases. The contagious disease can spread from one to another, causing enormous harm.

You have to know the measures for eliminating bacteria in your surroundings. The environments in which we spend much time impact our health. Hygiene environment keeps us healthy. Children are more prone to bacterial infections as their immunity levels are very low compared to adults.

How can you protect your kids from harmful germs in Monsoon season?

Family is the best part of our life, and kids in the family need extra care and protection from any harm. Unseen bacteria can spread diseases to your children. Study room and bedroom of the children need to be kept hygiene all the time as they spend an ample amount of time them.

Follow these precautions for a safe monsoon:

Disinfect Your Environment Instantly With Armor8 Hygiene Surroundings:

Make your surroundings free from bacteria.

Empty the water in old and unused things.

Do not let mosquitoes or any other flies stay at a place.

Stagnant water is the reason for the breeding of disease spreading organisms.

Garbage should be cleared out regularly.

Use Antibacterial Nano Spray for Toilets to keep the bathroom area’s hygiene.

Hygiene Food:

Keep your children away from raw vegetables and raw meat

Wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly with warm water.

Half cut and exposed food can be contagious of bacterial infections.

Cover food to avoid food poisoning or food-borne diseases.

Have warm food to as it provides natural heat and keeps you hydrated.

Always keep your hands clean before eating.

Eat foods which can boost immunity power as to fight against bacterial infections.

Fresh food is always good to have a healthy body.

Spray Antibacterial Nano Spray for Kitchen countertops for a hygiene kitchen.

Hygiene Self Habits:

Brush twice a day.

Bathing is essential to remove germs from our skin.

Cut overgrown nails, to avoid germ build-up.

Use a cloth to cover your mouth and nose if present in a group, to avoid viral transmissions.

Use personal towels and personal items to avoid infections.

Maintain a good standard of hygiene to keep the bacterial diseases at bay.

Hygiene Clothing:

Washed clothes are best to avoid infections.

Prefer light-coloured clothing.

Full sleeves are better to avoid mosquito bites.

Do not share used clothes, as share clothes can cause bacterial infections.

Antibacterial Nano Spray for Laundry to keep used clothes free from bacteria.

Hygiene Makeup:

Always wear makeup after washing hands.

Keep makeup away from moist and warm conditions.

Sharpen lip liners and eyeliners before use, as to get rid of bacteria accumulated on the surface.

Spray Armor8 Antibacterial Nano Spray for Makeup Accessories to have hygiene brushes.

Armor8 is the safest solution that can be sprayed on the surfaces. Armor8 Nano spray is the guard in safeguarding you from the harmful bacteria. This solitary product of its kind is made up of an advanced Nano Technology with the unique solution Titanium dioxide. This hypoallergenic substance is generally used as an additive in the many foods, personal care, and cosmetic products, making it one of the most effective products to use as an Anti-Bacterial spray. This Inert earth mineral guards from the radiation and is gentle towards the skin. The Nanoparticles in Titanium Dioxide have a photocatalytic effect, due to which it regenerates when organic or artificial light reacts with it.

Usage of Disinfect Your Environment Instantly With Armor8:

1)    Clean the surface where there is dirt, 

2)    Now spray the area with Armor8

3)    Wipe it or let it dry

Once sprayed, the particles regenerate till 30 days upon the light ray effect. It evaporates bacteria and scatters them away. Based on the usage and the needs of people, we have characterized Armor8 into four editions, giving you the easy ways to protect against harmful germs and bacteria. There are different editions in Armor8 as,

General edition: Armor8 is available in a general edition for multi-purpose version. General edition Antibacterial Nano Spray used for Laundry, Pet areas, Shoe Cabinets, Storage Rooms and many more surfaces can now be bacteria-free.

Travel edition: Armor8 is your true travel companion by guarding you against harmful bacteria throughout the journey. The handy spray of Armor8 Travel edition can be used on Backpack, Sleep Sack, Luggage Bags, Picnic Baskets, Wallets, Handbags, And Credit Cards.

Family edition: Armor8 does know you love your family, and their health is your priority. Thus evaporating harmful bacteria in your home is the responsibility of our Family edition. Antibacterial Nano Spray for can be used on Accessories, Beds, Pillows, Sofa, Children Toys, Television, Canvas, Kitchen Countertops, And Kitchen Appliances.

Active edition: Armor8 comes in an easy pocket-size bottle, which you can carry along to your gym and continue to be fit and fine. Antibacterial Nano Spray can be used for Gym Equipment, Fitness Equipment, Shoes, Socks, and Helmets. The gym is the area where the bacteria colonize in large number. Due to the sweat and sharing of the equipment can transfer bacterial infections from one person to another. Use Armor8 to stay away from diseases.

With the difference in the specification, these products help eliminate bacteria on any surface up to 30 days with just one spray. Like every season monsoon is best to be enjoyed. Have those precious enjoyable moments with your family and cherish healthy life forever.

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