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Best Disinfectant Spray by Armor8

After India entered into the contagious weeks of the pandemic, cleanliness and hygiene have become a necessity for everyone. This not only helps us stay safe from the Coronavirus but also many other infections and harmful germs with the help of antibacterial and disinfectant spray. The Indian government was bold enough to take the step of a nationwide lockdown keeping in mind the health and safety of its people. After the 21 days long complete lockdown, it was relieved again in 5 phases to control the rapid spread.

Still, there is a significant amount of increase in the cases, And everyone is left with fear and doubt on what to do to avoid getting the infection?

Cleanliness, social distancing, and staying in isolation are the only ways you can control the spread of COVID 19. After the release of lockdown, we are left with no option other than being our knight with shining armor and do everything to protect oneself from the Coronavirus.

Armor8 antibacterial and disinfectant spray

After looking at the ongoing scenario, we must understand the importance of fumigating the surfaces around us and maintain a sterile household. Many people still are clueless about what to do, to keep the surfaces clean and free of the harmful germs. Cleaning using disinfectant sprays has become mandatory as the virus can stay on any surface for hours (sometimes even for days) and spread if it comes in contact.

Armor8 has taken all the efforts to make our lives a little easier by providing us with their well-formulated antibacterial and disinfectant spray which can help clean all the surfaces and keep harmful germs along with COVID 19 at bay.

Below mentioned are some of the basic and important measures to stay safe and stay protected.

Let us brush our basics before diving deep into the topic:

  1. Washing our hands for at least 20 seconds with a soap-based hand wash to stay away from harmful germs.
  2. Clean your house and surroundings every day using disinfectant sprays, and keep all the surfaces germ free.
  3. Wash your sponges and kitchen towels with warm water and anti-bacterial spray to keep them clean and dirt
  4. Use sanitizers with at least 60 % alcohol in it.
  5. if you are out of supply, you can mix a spoon full of salt, a few drops of dish soap and lukewarm water to use as a disinfectant.
  6. Armor8 products are great for both disinfecting a surface and cleaning regularly.
  7. Social distancing and self-isolation are the only ways to keep us away from the Coronavirus.

We must keep ourselves away from not only COVID 19 but also from the harmful infections

Caused due to lack of hygiene and stay healthy. Cleaning the high touch surfaces is a must:

It is very important to clean the most frequently touched surfaces regularly to control the spread of germs and maintain hygiene.

Places like microwave, doors, fridge door, switches, drawer handles, doorknobs, windows, remotes toys, toilet seats, etc come under this category. Cleaning these every day is mandatory keeping in mind the present scenario.

How to clean the daily vegetables, fruits, and groceries before storing them?

This has been a question in many readers, as everyone knows that the chances of spreading infection through these are more.

  1. Clean the vegetables separately in water mixed with one spoon vinegar and salt. Keep them out to dry or wipe them dry before storing them in the fridge.
  2. Wipe all the packed food items with sanitizer or any cleaner to be extra safe.
  3. A tray of eggs can be kept in a dry place for 2 days before you start using them. Any virus will be automatically killed within 48 hrs.
  4. Use disposable gloves to do all the cleaning and dispose of.
  5. Wipe the area with Armor8 anti-bacterial spray

Cleaning the kitchen:

The kitchen is suspected to be one of the best places for the spread of germs, as there is food prepared there. Keep your hands on a disinfectant spray to quickly wipe the surfaces after you are done with cooking.

Food platforms, fridge, microwave, and vegetable drawers are some common places expected to be cleaned frequently.

Cookware and serve ware must be washed with soap and warm water. Empty the trash daily to avoid insects.

Kitchen towels and sponges must be washed regularly to avoid the spread of dirt.

Keeping the bathroom clean:

Tip: keep a bottle of disinfectant handy in the bathroom and clean the clothes in lukewarm water, the moment you come from outside.

  1. Dry your towel as soon as you are done with the bath, as viruses can stay longer on wet surfaces. Put it to dry under the sun, the moment you use it.
  2. Empty the bathroom trash daily.
  3. Clean the bathroom knobs, taps, and shower with disinfectant spray on a daily basis.


Using disposable gloves or washable gloves while collecting the clothes around the house is a good idea.

Run your washing machine without soap, with lukewarm water, and then use disinfectant soap to wash off the germs and control the spread of infections.

Wipe the machine with an antibacterial spray to keep it germ-free and clean.

Cleaning your bedrooms:

Keeping your bedroom clean gives you a good place to relax at the end of the day. Start with cleaning your curtain rods, side tables, and television.

Change the sheets and curtains frequently to keep them fresh and germ-free.

Sanitizing your accessories well:

Yes, it is very important to sanitize your accessories. All you need to do is to spray some disinfectant spray and wipe it off with a soft cloth.

This is an emergency and the entire world is suffering from the breakdown of COVID 19. Do your bit by staying safe, maintaining social distancing, and use Armor8 products.

Stay safe and take care.

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