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How & Where to Use Armor 8 Anti-Bacterial Nano Spray
Antibacterial spray for Mobile phones

Armor8® is an extensive long-lasting sterilising Nano Spray Product. So, before knowing how to use this and where to use the ultimate product. Let’s focus on How it Works!

How It works

Armor 8 is designed after extreme research and thorough understanding of the product uses quality, and safety. The magic behind the Armor 8 Nano Spray that it uses Japanese Nano technology with Smartcoat's Titanium Dioxide, Isopropyl alcohol with distilled water.

How Japanese Nano Technology Works:

Nanotechnology involves the manipulation of matter at the nanoscale — between 1 to 100 nanometres long. It usually involves operating with very small items of matter like molecules, atoms, and supramolecules. In less complicated terms, Nanotechnology refers to any technologies that work with very tiny particles.

Nanotechnology is used in several fields together with computing, medicine, electronics, and applied science. Scientists also researching on nanotechnology for the development of all space-age materials through to microscopic computers. Nano Technology is the 21st Century Technology that will change all our lives in the future. It works at Microscopic levels, so the possibilities are endless. Now mostly this technology uses in Pharma, Food Sectors, and Material sciences.

The best part of Nano Technology that their properties are found in natures, so it is environment-friendly, Bio-degradable and Safe to use around Humans and Animals. So, Armor 8 is eco-friendly, long-lasting & Non-toxic in nature. Armor 8 Anti-bacterial Spray uses the Nano Technology coating as it repels any surfaces and can go to root level and eliminate the harmful bacteria, germs, fungi’s, odours & molds etc.

Titanium Dioxide (TiO2):

It is also known as Titanium oxide or Titania and it is naturally occurring oxide of titanium, we use it as a pigment, it is called titanium white or pigment white 6 (PW6). The applications are useful in many different areas including Paint, Sunscreen and food colouring etc. Titanium dioxide, in thin film and nanoparticle form has potential for use in energy production: as it has photocatalyst effect, it can break water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Now it is more common substance found in most of the products like personal care, medicines, cements, paints etc. that we are using in our everyday life and the thin-films applied to furniture’s in the hospitals and other surfaces to stay away from bacteria, fungi and virus infections. Research also says Titanium Dioxide has great potential in detoxification from any surface, that’s why most of industry uses this molecule substance for their products efficiency.

The Photocatalytic process uses natural oxygen and sunlight and thus occurs under ambient conditions; it is wavelength selective and is accelerated by UV light. The photocatalyst is readily available, inexpensive and non-toxic in nature, chemically and mechanically stable, and has a high turnover. Hence it also useful for Armor 8, whenever you spray it on any surfaces & it gets contact with lights it will reactivate automatically, and it eliminates the bacteria, fungi, mold and allergens from the surface that causes illness & odors.

As it combines with Nano Technology it works as fast, effective and long-lasting protection.

Isopropyl & Distilled Water:

Isopropyl Alcohol is mostly used in the manufacturing of different Industrials, household chemicals, a solvent for a coating and it is a common ingredient in the household products like personal care, antiseptics, disinfectants, and detergents.

How it works as Disinfectants and Cleaning Solutions:

Isopropyl alcohol is popular for pharmaceutical applications due to its low toxicity nature. Isopropyl alcohol is most commonly used as because of its Anti-bacterial properties. It is a colorless, flammable liquid and it also a volatile in nature, so whenever its container is left open, it evaporates rapidly. All types of disinfectant products like hand sanitizers and disinfecting pads typically contain 60 -70% solution of isopropyl alcohol in Water.

Both Isopropyl and water act as a solvent agent only, but Water doesn’t work always. As water is a universal solvent, there is some property that water cannot dissolve it. But in the case of Isopropyl alcohol, it can dissolve many non-polar compounds like chloroform and oils.

Surface Disinfectant:

Isopropyl has antibacterial properties as well as it acts as a Solvent, hence this alcohol is a great surface disinfectant. It is normally used in our everyday routine without aware of isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol works better in a wide range of surfaces in home, hospitals etc. In hospitals it used in surgical equipment’s and in the household, it used as cleaning cupboard, glass surfaces like windows, mirrors etc. It uses widely because of its high volatility, it evaporates quickly, so that it's not left any streaks or residue, always leaving you with clean fresh every time. Germs and harmful bacteria lead to sickness and infection that are the main cause of our problem. But the good thing is that we have isopropyl alcohol that is a disinfectant substance, it defence these pesky germs and harmful bacteria. Isopropyl or IPA can be used in your home & hospitals to clean and disinfectant all types of surfaces.

Electronic Components:

Isopropyl alcohol is perfect when it comes to cleaning electronic equipment. This is widely used in electronic industries to clean magnetic tapes, optical disc drive lasers, IC Packages, CD’s and DVD’s to wipe away fingerprints as isopropyl won’t leave any residue and it also won’t damage any surface. That’s the reason it works like a charm in the electronic component. Hence, we can use this as a cleaning and disinfectant agent for our home or office’s electronic equipment’s.

So, here in Armor8®, we use Isopropyl alcohol with distilled water for making it perfect and suitable for cleaning and defencing harmful bacteria. This is how The Armor8® Antibacterial Nano Spray works!

How to Use Armor8®

How to Use Armor8®
How to Use Armor8®
How to Use Armor8®

Where to Use Armor8®

You can spray it on any surface you wish to sterilise! Germs are everywhere: at home, in the office, even in your car. They can cause illnesses from a common cold to a potentially life-theatening infection.

General Edition

Antibacterial Nano Spray for office desks
Antibacterial Nano Spray for kitchen
Antibacterial Nano Spray for Door Handle
Antibacterial Nano Spray for Homes

Family Edition

Antibacterial Nano Spray for kids toys
Antibacterial Nano Spray for bottles
Antibacterial spray for Mobile baby trolly
Antibacterial Nano Spray for kids exam stationary

Active Edition

Antibacterial Nano Spray for yoga mat
Antibacterial Nano Spray for gym gears
Antibacterial Nano Spray for Gym equipments
Antibacterial Nano Spray for Shoes

Travel Edition

Antibacterial Nano Spray for hand bags
Antibacterial Nano Spray for trolley bags
Antibacterial Nano Spray for Smart phones
Antibacterial Nano Spray for Laptops

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