About Armor8®

About Armor 8 Distributor | Anti-Bacterial, Anti-fungal Nano Spray
About Armor 8 Distributor | Anti-Bacterial, Anti-fungal Nano Spray

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About Armor8®

Armor8® – A flagship of SmartCoat- A prime manufacturer of Titanium Dioxide. When it comes to bacteria and germs, it is everywhere, but there are many bacteria available in our body that doesn’t cause any disease; instead they are helping our body to work precisely.

However, there is a tiny aggressor’s group, when that group's harmful germs get into our body it causes sickness. Normally, Germs are entering the body through mouth, nose, eyes, and breaks in the skin. Once they get into our body, they stop it from working correctly. Food, Air and Water can be made dangerous to humans and other animals by the things that we are using it frequently because the frequently used items only create more harmful germs and bacteria when our body contaminated with those germ spreading hotpots, it makes us sick.

So, is there any solution to prevent spreading harmful germs and bacteria from our surrounded things?

Yes,Armor8® India will stand as a shield for safety and hygienic. Armor8® Distributor in India comes into picture whenever there is a need of Antibacterial spray. Titanium World Technology Sdn Bhd(TWT), is a Malaysian- based MNC provides innovative solutions for anti-septic and health care sectors. Now it is entered into Indian Market through a subsidiary of Smart Coat India Pvt. Ltd by launching two of its globally recognized Antibacterial Spray products, i.e., SmartCoat and Armor8® Disinfectant Spray.

About Armor8® Distributor | AntiBacterial, Antifungal Nano Spray
About Armor8® Distributor | AntiBacterial, Antifungal Nano Spray

The Distributor of Armor8® India are in Hyderabad, Telangana provides services throughout India. We are committed to the people of India that Armor8® will absorbs any unpleasant smell, prevents the growth of fungus, spreading harmful bacteria & germs, provides 24x7 hours of protection. Once applied, can ensure that you are safe from harmful germs and bacteria up to 30 days.

The Armor8® is an all-purpose Antiodour & all Surface disinfectant Nano Spray with the active ingredient Titanium Dioxide which is a natural metal oxide that will surely please you and your surroundings with its exciting features! Accomplish more with less with this simple, practical & proven way to protect you & your loved ones against harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, & germs from all kinds of surfaces that’s surrounds us.

Armor8® Antibacteria spray is a unique blend of solution using Nano Technology that is developed & designed with ample amount of extreme research to prevent you from the harmful germs and keep you always healthy, safe and protected. It is a very versatile product and can be used to clean multiple areas or objects including your kitchen & bathroom. Our Germ Protection Spray is an ideal product and made with non-toxic ingredients that won’t leave any odor after you’ve sprayed it on any surfaces. One of its most important characteristics is that it does not alter the color of the product, which isn’t always the case with Antibacterial sprays.

It cleans and Disinfectant multiple surfaces without having to use various products. This versatile product quickly disinfects both hard and soft surfaces, sanitizes surfaces & it also sanitizes for any other types of surfaces. The non toxic disinfectant Spray that effectively eliminates bacteria which cause odors and spread diseases. It defends against harmful viruses and bacteria on all types of surfaces when used as directed.


Creating Sustainable Value- We provide genuine and sustainable support to our clients with integrity and respect.

Developing Creative Solutions- We provide the best innovative solution to our clients as well as customers.

Ensuring Consumer Confidence- We are committed to giving a trustable solution for our consumers that offers long-lasting protection.


Germs are everywhere, Statistics says, 80% communicable diseases are transferred by touch. Around 60,000 types of microbes everyone come into contact on a daily basis. Most of the harmful germs, bacteria move through our frequently used things like purses or wallets, Remotes, cutting boards, Cell phones, kitchen, and bathroom taps, etc.


Armor8® is a unique formulation that deodorizes, sanitizes and eliminates germs, bacteria’s and viruses. It is an optimal solution for all of us to stay protected from viral infections.


Armor8® is a Quality Conscious non-toxic antibacterial Nano Spray provides germ protection that can last up to 30 days. It made with an entirely eco-friendly system, No harmful residue, and chemicals.

About Armor 8 Distributor | Anti-Bacterial, Anti-fungal Nano Spray

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